Offscreen website

The rework of the ‘offscreen’ classification in a website form. Accessible on the link below, the resource lists out and references a lot of audio and visual techniques, but also useful cognitive, psychoacoustic, spectatorship or even perceptive theories. Practical techniques as well as notions outside the audiovisual production sphere was meant to enable the user to […]

Notable filmwork

XL Arts and Employability (Documentary, 32 minutes; 2015, Glasgow)Camera and Motion DesignThe Prince’s Trust / North Lanarkshire Council / Hayburn Studios XL Arts and Employability (Documentary, 20 minutes; 2014, Glasgow)Camera, Motion Design, and EditingThe Prince’s Trust / North Lanarkshire Council / Hayburn Studios Long Time no Speak (Fiction, 25 and 15 minutes versions; 2014, Glasgow)Direction, […]


120 pages book that references 296 techniques and theories, both audio and visual, enabling filmmakers, sound designers and spectators alike to use and understand the offscreen space of film as a legitimate narrative space. In return, enabling everyone to experience a more actively dynamic, imaginative and playful experience of film. The classification offers a primary […]