Born mid 80s Paris, Aurélien was quite unfamiliar with both interest and achievements at school in France. He naively navigated through his early adult years producing music and skateboarding before moving to Scotland. His long lost teenager’s aspiration to become a filmmaker resurfaced as his knowledge, theory and practice in sound and film sound deepened while studying Creative Sound Production at Abertay University in Dundee.

Unfortunately unable to progress to film school, he nevertheless decided to continue studying, allocating 2 years for further research. Frequenting daily the universities’ libraries of Glasgow, he explored and experimented with subjects such as scriptwriting, philosophy, psychology, anthropology and expanded his general filmic knowledge through research and viewings. Watching at least 2 films a day during this period enabled him to cover the most prominent past and present filmmakers, film genres, countries and eras. He now considers this period as invaluable to have found his preliminary marks, thematic interests and techniques as a storyteller.

Then, he went on learning computer generated graphics, seeing an opportunity to more easily translate his filmic ideas in the pre-production phase. At this time, he was already lucky enough to provide services on small projects; which directly deepened his practical knowledge in this particular medium. Gradually becoming more aware of the potentialities that digital imaging can provide throughout the filmmaking process, he now also embraces this craft at the production and post-production stages, unlocking a more distinctive imagery and greatly expanding the possibilities and value of low production indie filmmaking.

Still very much in the research phase for his voice as a filmmaker, he continues expanding his knowledge and interests following a DIY ethic and creating in the varied fields presented on this site.

In time, he hopes to combine them all to provide his audience a film experience that is entertaining, yet meaningful.